Ecclesiastical Insurance Services specialises in car insurance for the clergy and members of the parochial church council. Find out more below about how we ensure you have the cover you need.

Making sure you are covered

As a member of the church, you'll almost certainly be driving a car many miles to visit members of your local community or to go to church meetings, services and other occasions. This is, of course, just part of your vocation, but you do need to note that car insurers would class this as business use of you vehicle. If you don’t have business use included, an insurer may refuse to pay a claim in some circumstances, so it is essential to speak to car insurance experts who understand the role of the clergy so you know you have the right cover.

We understand your role

When you call Ecclesiastical Insurance Services for a car insurance quote, we'll check the class of insurance you will need. For most clergy, you'll need business use which we can provide for you at no extra cost, unlike some other insurers!

Of course there are several different types of clergy supporting the church, from those working full time on a stipend, through to the many self-supporting clergy including parochial church council members of whom will have another employment or income, and those in retirement but who still minister regularly.

Getting the right class for your insurance

You should have cover for:

  1. Social domestic and pleasure – day to day non-business driving
  2. Social domestic, pleasure and Commuting – day to day use plus driving to your place of work
  3. Business use – this covers all drivers for church connected work – day to day use plus your work for the church

Insurers use these classifications as they may affect the risk of insuring you and the premium you might pay, although the Ecclesiastical Insurance Services policy will not normally charge you any extra for business use. Remember, if you have the wrong class of use on your policy, you may find your insurance company refusing to pay out on a claim, so it makes sense to talk to the experts in your role to make sure your cover is correct.

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